Building A New Center
to Share New Life

We offer a variety of services to support women when they need it most.

Since 1994, First Coast Women’s Services (FCWS) has provided a variety of services for both women and men who are facing unplanned pregnancies. We want to empower them to make informed choices through education and compassionate counseling.

Our next goal is to open a new door of hope on the north side of Jacksonville to provide even more women with pregnancy guidance.

With few resources in that area, clients from the Northside and even South Georgia currently travel long distances, passing several abortion clinics, to reach any life-affirming help. Every single mile of indecision can affect a woman’s choice and patience to explore their options.

Building Hope For The Northside

By constructing a new welcoming place on the Northside to have compassionate conversations about pregnancy options, we will change the courses of many lives. Your gift can help even more women to our door where empowering education can begin.

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How You Can Help

Help us open this pivotal location by giving above and beyond your monthly or yearly contribution. If you have never supported the mission before, now is a great time to get involved. Every single gift makes a difference.

Beyond the construction of the new First Coast Women’s Services Northside location, is the cost of furnishing and decorating our center. As women and men open our door they immediately realize that we are not a clinical space, but instead a warm environment that is more like a home, where they can open up, listen and feel safe.