On January 19th join us by proclaiming the Sanctity of all life!

President Ronald Reagan issued a presidential proclamation on January 13, 1984, designating Sunday, January 22, 1984 as National Sanctity of Human Life Day, in opposition to the 11th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, in which the Supreme Court issued a ruling that gave women the option to abort their unborn babies.

The day is now commonly known as Life Sunday. Every year Pastors and people in the faith community come together to uphold the Sanctity of Human Life in their churches.

  • First Coast Women’s Services has four centers and a mobile unit who see more than 5,600 client visits per year. Last year 1,000 babies who would have been aborted were saved.
  • An average of more than 17 babies are being aborted in our city every day.
  • No matter how abortion minded a mother is, if she comes to us first, she will change her mind and choose life 83% of the time.
  • If a woman considering abortion sees her baby on ultrasound, the likelihood of her choosing life for her baby goes from 40% to 80%.
  • If a man sees his baby on the Ultrasound 98% of the time he will choose to support the pregnancy.