Can You Still Have an Abortion After the Florida Heartbeat Bill?

Can You Still Have an Abortion After the Florida Heartbeat Bill?

Yes, you can still get an abortion in Florida through fifteen weeks of pregnancy as of May 24, 2023.
However, Governor Ron DeSantis recently signed the Heartbeat Protection Act (SB 300), which will ban abortion at six weeks gestation with certain exceptions. Because the Supreme Court still needs to rule on the constitutionality of the 15-week ban, the 6-week ban cannot go into effect yet.

An ultrasound scan is the only way to identify how long you have been pregnant. At First Coast Women’s Services, you can schedule a free and confidential ultrasound in a caring, non-judgmental environment.

Why Do I Need an Ultrasound? 

If you’re considering an abortion, an ultrasound provides essential information that will determine your eligibility for the procedure from both legal and safety standpoints. 

This scan can reveal the age of the pregnancy (which is needed before you can schedule an abortion) and viability (whether the pregnancy is progressing).
Since 10-20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage during the first trimester, it is wise to get an ultrasound to see if you have a viable pregnancy. Abortions are demanding and stressful on your body. Having an ultrasound to make sure you have a viable pregancy is a way to reveal the location of your pregnancy, and its viability before going through both the financial expense of an abortion and the toll it will take on your body. For example, the pregnancy is developing outside the uterus, this condition is known as ectopic pregnancy and needs immediate treatment to prevent life-threatening complications. You will want to rule out ectopic pregnancy before having an abortion. 

Where Can I Get a Free Ultrasound?

While the six-week abortion ban has yet to go into effect, we understand the urgency you may feel when considering your Florida pregnancy options. We’re here to help. Considering getting resources and an ultrasound prior to making a decision or going out of state. 

Visit First Coast Women’s Services for free, limited ultrasounds, pregnancy resources, and evidence-based education to support you.
Contact us today to schedule a free ultrasound appointment to protect your health and safety, or simply walk in. Call our telehealth center to speak to a registered nurse about your options 904-915-HELP. We’re here for you.