Is your period late? Are you wondering if you’re pregnant? The first step to getting an answer is to visit First Coast Women’s Services for free pregnancy testing.

Free and Confidential Pregnancy Testing

One of the most popular services is our free and confidential pregnancy testing. Our tests are laboratory-rated, which means they are more sensitive than over-the-counter home pregnancy tests. Get the most accurate test result possible. You have nothing to lose. They’re free!

How Does Pregnancy Testing Work?

When a woman becomes pregnant, her body begins to produce the human pregnancy hormone known as hCG right after a fertilized egg attaches to the wall of the uterus. A pregnancy test measures the amount of hCG in your urine.

With an accuracy rate of over 99%, our tests can detect the hCG pregnancy hormone as early as 7 days after conception or 21 to 24 days after the first day of your last period. 

When Should I Take A Pregnancy Test?

The time to take a pregnancy test can be determined by how regular your menstrual cycle is. If your cycle begins every 28 to 30 days, the best time is about a week after your missed period. If your cycle is irregular, you may want to wait longer to make certain hCG levels rise high enough to be detected. Although our tests are highly sensitive, you will get a more accurate result by waiting a little longer.

The Test Was Positive, Now What?

We know seeing a positive pregnancy test can be overwhelming, but don’t panic. You have time, and you have options. There is still vital information you need to know about your pregnancy. Before you make any decision, come to First Coast Women’s Services for a free and confidential ultrasound.

You Have Options

Although abortion may be your first thought after receiving a positive pregnancy test and ultrasound, we want you to know you have options. In fact, you have three options. Understanding each of those options will help you make an empowered and confident choice regarding your pregnancy. 

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It is important to us that you know you are not alone during this time. We are here for you. No matter what your circumstances and your decision, we want to help you. Contact us and begin getting the respect and care you deserve.