Should I Order the Abortion Pill Online?

Here is a woman wondering Should I Order the Abortion Pill Online?We can order just about anything online, including the abortion pill. However, just because you can order something online, doesn’t mean it’s safe for you. 

Here are the top 4 risks of ordering the abortion pill online:

1. Undergoing an abortion without taking the proper health precautions 

The abortion pill may come in the form of two small pills, but it’s important to remember that it’s still a serious medical procedure. Before accessing the abortion pill, it’s vital that you undergo the proper medical screenings to make sure it’s a safe pregnancy option for you.

The following tests and scans are recommended to ensure your safety and health during this process:

  • Lab-quality Pregnancy Testing
    • Maybe you’ve already taken an at-home pregnancy test. Even so, you should confirm your result with a lab-quality pregnancy test at your local pregnancy clinic. This will eliminate any user or timing errors, and ensure the most accurate results. 
  • An Ultrasound Scan
    • While a pregnancy test will be able to detect the presence of pregnancy hormones, it will not be able to tell you if your pregnancy is safe or viable. An ultrasounds scan will reveal any major health concerns, such as ectopic pregnancy, which can be fatal if left unaddressed. An ultrasound will also reveal the age of your pregnancy, and determine your eligibility for certain abortion procedures.
  • STD Testing
    • Prior to accessing an abortion, it’s important to know if you have an STD/STI. Having an abortion at the time of an STD can spread the infection and lead to serious health complications, such as Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID).

2. A Medical Abortion Might Not Be Safe for You at This Stage of Pregnancy 

As we mentioned, your ultrasound scan will reveal the gestational age of your pregnancy, which is an important part of understanding whether or not the abortion pill is safe for you.

The abortion pill is only effective in the first 10 weeks of pregnancy and taking it when you are too far along could result in an incomplete abortion and infection or sepsis from the retained fetal tissue.

3. You Might Access non-FDA Approved Medication 

Ordering the abortion pill online might mean you are accessing medication that hasn’t been approved or tested by the FDA from websites posing as pharmaceutical sites.

This medication may not be safe for consumption and could lead to additional long-term health consequences.

4. Not Having Access to Emergency Care in Case of Complications 

Even when accessed through the proper channels, the abortion pill can lead to harmful, long-term health risks and complications, such as infection, sepsis, and hemorrhaging. If not addressed immediately, these complications can be fatal. 

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