Top 7 Pregnancy Symptoms

Top 7 Pregnancy Symptoms

The female body is a pretty complex system in and of itself. Your body can change with the slightest hormonal shifts, making it difficult to know whether you’re experiencing a minor hormonal change or something as life-changing as a pregnancy! 

If you’re sexually active, there’s always a chance you could become pregnant — yes, even if you’re on birth control! 

If you think you might be pregnant, keep reading to learn about the top symptoms you might experience when pregnant. If you’re experiencing any, it might be time to schedule a visit to your local pregnancy center where you can get a free lab-quality pregnancy test and other valuable medical information!

Here are the top 7 pregnancy symptoms:

1. Changes in Nipples

Pregnancy brings an abundance of new hormones as your body prepares for the developing pregnancy. One of the first areas you can expect to see changes will be in your nipples.

While this symptom is different for everyone, many women report new sensations (discomfort, tingling, and itching) around or on their nipples. These sensations can come within a few weeks of conception, later followed by changes in the appearance of the nipples. These changes might include the darkening of the areola and changes in the texture of the skin on and around your nipples. 

2. Breast Sensitivity

Another change you can expect early on is breast tenderness and sensitivity. While many women experience tenderness surrounding their menstrual periods, pregnancy will bring more acute sensitivity, also accompanied by swelling and enlargement. This can occur sometimes as early as six weeks into pregnancy.

3. Cramping and Spotting 

Have you noticed any unusual spotting or cramping without the presence of a full menstrual period? While this symptom might be a red flag for some women, it’s actually quite normal and is a common sign of pregnancy.

4. Morning Sickness

This might be the most dreaded pregnancy symptom and for some women, the final clue to their pregnancy mystery. Sickness is typical in the first trimester and can range from slight nausea to a debilitating condition. Unfortunately, the name “morning sickness” can be a bit deceiving, as many women experience nausea throughout the day. The good news is, this typically goes away in the second and third trimesters.

5. Unexpected Tiredness 

Unusual lethargy and tiredness is a common symptom of pregnancy. While your body is working in overdrive to create a safe space for your pregnancy, you can expect to need a bit of extra rest time each day. 

6. Cravings and Heightened Senses

Are you experiencing any interesting cravings? Does your daily coffee suddenly seem completely unappealing? Changes in your appetite and a heightened sense of taste and smell can be an early pregnancy symptom. 

7. Missed Period 

If you keep close track of your menstrual cycle, you might notice this symptom before any others. If your cycle is irregular or you’re not super in tune with your period, it can be hard to keep track. Whether you’re experiencing any of the above symptoms or not, a missed period means it’s time to take a trip to your local pregnancy center for a pregnancy test!

The human body is absolutely amazing and pregnancy brings on a whole new world of changes. If you’re sexually active, it’s important you take time to get in tune with your body so you can be aware of any unusual activity that might indicate pregnancy. 

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