What Are the Different Types of Adoptions?

What Are the Different Types of Adoptions?

Are you struggling financially, young, or going through hard life situations? Perhaps you are thinking about adoption. We get it, life can bring so many unexpected turns. No matter what option you choose, you will always be a mother. Motherhood may look different than you expected, but adoption is an option, though it is a hard choice to make. It takes humility and support to take the first step. At First Coast Women’s Services, we are here to inform you and support you in your journey if you choose adoption. 

If you are having doubts about the adoption process, we hope this blog answers some of your questions and concerns. The more you are informed about adoption, the easier it is to decide if it’s right for you. Adoption is a great option for many mothers and gives a child a future full of hope and opportunity. 

Different Types of Adoptions

With adoption, you have flexibility and options! Adoption is not like it used to be. As the birth mother, you have the final say on how you go about your adoption plan. 

With the different types of adoptions out there, you can choose an adoption plan that suits you. Whether you want to stay closely connected to your child or not, you get to choose. You also have the flexibility to change it down the road. Here are some of the various adoption plans:

Open Adoption

The most common adoption today is called an “open adoption.” With open adoption, you have the freedom to regularly contact your child and the adoptive family you choose. You will exchange information with the family and agree how you go about regular contact. There are many times where the birth mother becomes closely connected with the adoptive family and gets together for events/gatherings. Ultimately, you get to decide how much contact you have and what’s most comfortable for you and the adoptive family.

Closed Adoption

Though this option is rare, it could be the best option for you and your child. A “closed adoption” involves an adoption agency choosing a family for you. This option is best for a mother who does not want contact with the child or the adoptive family. You can remain totally anonymous.

Deciding On A Family

There are tons of adoptive families, waiting and ready to care for your child. There are plenty of family options to choose from. If you decide to go with an adoption agency, the adoptive family has to go through an extensive process to be qualified and see if they are compatible with you and your child. They complete things like:

  • Background checks (including criminal and abuse records)
  • A lengthy questionnaire (questions about home life, hobbies, religion, & more)
  • Create a family portfolio 

In the end, you will have lots of information about the family to be confident in making a decision.

Is Adoption Right For Me?

Take time to decide if adoption is ultimately what you want. Talk to someone you trust and consider all your adoption options. If you need more information, please reach out to us. We would love to help you navigate this journey.

Schedule a free and confidential appointment to talk with our team about adoption and your other pregnancy options. Walk-ins are always welcome!