What You Need to Know about Florida’s 6-Week Abortion Ban

What You Need to Know about Florida’s 6-Week Abortion Ban

On April 1st, 2024, the Florida Supreme Court upheld the state’s 15-week abortion ban. As a result, the 6-week abortion ban (technically known as the Heartbeat Protection Act) has been triggered into law and will go into effect on May 1st, 2024.

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About the Heartbeat Protection Act

This new law has major implications for pregnant women in Florida, and there’s a few important details women should know about the 6-week ban:

  • Abortions in Florida are legal up to 6 weeks gestation. This is typically the time at which a heartbeat is detectable.
  • Miscarriage is NOT an elective abortion. Therefore, women will not be denied medical care for miscarriages.
  • Ectopic pregnancy care is NOT an elective abortion, and an abortion will NOT resolve that serious medical condition. Women will not be denied medical care for ectopic pregnancies.
  • The abortion pill must be administered in person by a physician, outlawing the dispensing of the pill through mail.
  • Exceptions to the law exist in cases of rape, incest, human trafficking, fatal fetal abnormality, or when the pregnant woman’s life is in danger.

In addition to all of this, the Heartbeat Protection Act provides additional funding to programs supporting women and families, such as:

  • Pregnancy support services
  • Wellness services in pregnancy
  • Services for postpartum mothers
  • Family planning and counseling

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