Comparing the Abortion Pill and Plan B

If you recently discovered you’re pregnant and are wondering what to do next, give yourself a moment to breathe and calmly assess your situation before proceeding. Rushing into any decision that will change the course of your future wouldn’t be…

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How Safe is the Abortion Pill?

There are two methods to end a pregnancy: Surgical abortion and medication abortion. Most people think of medications as having minimal risks, but the abortion pill has many risks you’ll want to be aware of as you consider your options.…

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Here is a woman wondering How Do I Tell My Parents I am Pregnant?

The Cost Of The Abortion Pill

Are you considering purchasing the abortion pill after finding out you’re pregnant? There are many unknowns to an unplanned pregnancy, but as you navigate your options, know that you are not alone. Here are the details you need to know…

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