What You Need to Know Before Taking the Abortion Pill

What You Need to Know Before Taking the Abortion Pill

Are you facing an unplanned pregnancy and considering the abortion pill? With Florida’s new 6-week abortion limits, we understand that getting answers and making a decision for your pregnancy is urgent and important to you.

Before anything else, it’s imperative that you first confirm your pregnancy with an ultrasound to determine the age of the fetus and to rule out an ectopic pregnancy or early miscarriage. An ultrasound will help determine what options are available to you for your pregnancy. Click below to schedule your no-cost ultrasound with us.


Here are seven things to know before taking the abortion pill.

It terminates a pregnancy

The abortion pill (also known as a medical abortion) is a process that works to end an existing pregnancy, NOT to prevent pregnancy. This type of abortion does not require surgery or anesthesia.

It’s a 2-pill process

A medical abortion is a series of two pills that work together to end a pregnancy. The process normally takes 24 to 48 hours, though the effects can last up to several weeks after.

The first pill, mifepristone, blocks the body from absorbing progesterone, the primary pregnancy hormone. This thins the lining of the uterus and prevents the embryo from implanting or growing. The second drug, misoprostol, causes the uterus to contract and expel the pregnancy.

Only for women 10 weeks or earlier

The abortion pill is only recommended for women who are 10-weeks pregnant or earlier. However, in the state of Florida, the Heartbeat Protection Act limits this to 6-weeks with some exceptions. Taking the pill after 10-weeks could cause medical complications. An ultrasound is the best way to determine how far along your pregnancy is to discover if a medical abortion is an option for your pregnancy.

There are risks

As with any medication, the abortion pill poses health risks to the woman taking it. These risks include but are not limited to:

  • Incomplete abortion
  • An ongoing pregnancy if the pills are not fully effective
  • Heavy and prolonged bleeding and cramping
  • Fever
  • Infection

It can be expensive

According to the latest reports, the abortion pill may cost up to $800 with the average cost landing around $580. Costs for the pill vary depending on insurance coverage.

Before paying for a medical abortion, get a free ultrasound with us to determine the gestational age, viability, and location of your pregnancy. If you have an ectopic pregnancy (a life-threatening condition requiring immediate medical attention) or have had an early miscarriage, an abortion will not be necessary.

Must be administered in person

Florida’s Heartbeat Protection Act not only limits abortions past 6-weeks gestation, it also requires the abortion pill to be administered in person by a medical doctor. It is now illegal in the state of Florida for the abortion pill to be administered via mail order.

If you change your mind there are options

There are times when a woman will change her mind and want to keep her pregnancy after having taken the first abortion pill. If you have taken the first pill and are feeling regret, there are options if you act within 24-48 hours after taking the pill.

The first abortion pill, mifepristone, works to block progesterone. A new process called Abortion Pill Rescue works to pump the body with extra progesterone to override the effects of the first abortion pill. Time is of the essence in this process, so it is important to call as soon as you think you may want to try to keep the pregnancy. First Coast Women’s Services is a Certified Abortion Pill Rescue Consulting Agency and can guide you through this process if you decide it’s right for you. Call (904) 915-4357 as soon as possible if you wish to keep your pregnancy after taking the first abortion pill.


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