Why Talk to Us About Abortion?

Why Talk to Us About Abortion?

Any serious medical procedure can seem daunting. If you are trying to decide if an abortion is the best option for your unplanned pregnancy, you deserve the opportunity to gather all the facts and process your feelings and options in a safe, confidential environment. 

We offer no-cost pregnancy services and consultations with no judgment, so read this article to learn how scheduling an appointment with us can help you take the next step.

Learn if You Qualify for Abortion

It’s possible to have a positive home pregnancy test without having a progressing pregnancy. 

Ultrasounds provide critical information that determines your eligibility for abortion. This includes:  

  • How far along you are 
  • If your pregnancy is progressing
  • Where your pregnancy is located

This can determine your eligibility for an abortion, as well as alert you to possible health risks or conditions such as a miscarriage (which is how up to 20% of pregnancies end) or an ectopic pregnancy, which require procedures other than abortion. 

We provide limited ultrasounds at no cost to you.

Make an Informed Decision

Having the curveball of an unplanned pregnancy can be stressful enough, but it’s crucial to have a strong support system as you navigate this situation. 

The Mayo Clinic recommends seeking support as you consider your options, including abortion. We are here to provide a space for you to evaluate your options, process your emotions, learn about resources, and ask questions about pregnancy and abortion in a pressure-free environment. 

No woman should feel isolated or alone, and we are here to make sure you have a sounding board. 

Next Steps

Schedule an appointment with us to talk more about abortion and learn more about your health. 

For evidence-based education and a safe, respectful environment to talk, reach out today!